Dots and Lines

A line is a dot that went for a walk.

Paul Klee

A Music, Dance and Art Project created by Caroline McCluskey in collaboration with Ana Almeida and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Where do I see dots and lines in my everyday life, in school or in nature?

Which shapes are dots and lines a part of? Which patterns do they help to create?

What do different kinds of dots and lines sound like in music, feel like in dance and look like in visual art?

Dots and Lines is a Music, Dance and Visual Arts project created for children and their teachers/ carers to enjoy together. Dots and Lines activities provide opportunities to explore how a ‘dot’ or a ‘line’ can be expressed through sound, shape and colour and also be experienced kinaesthetically through movement and dance.

Over the past few years, the Dots and Lines project has been part of a Scottish Chamber Orchestra creative residency community programme in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh.

In recent months, we have created a film version of Dots and Lines. On this online journey, I am joined by Dorothy Dot, Lilly Line and Ms Chalk. Our curiosity for all things ‘dotty’ and ‘liney’ is an invitation to explore dots and lines through music, dance and art. Inspired by the Orff-Schulwerk approach in my creative and teaching practice, I believe that multi art-form journeys provide opportunities to learn with all senses, to gain understanding from different lenses of perspective and to find new ways to express and communicate.

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