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Dancing with the senses - moving times in music learning

This workshop originates in activities children are drawn into easily and joyfully: to touch, feel, listen, watch and move. Words, materials, colour, sound, even the own breath make the senses dance, connect with each other and deepen the sensation. 

In this way we are creating a safe space for our students to dive into music activities coming from this multi-sensual place and to discover, that even their instrument might swing, that words start to jump, that the body will unfold.

Sensory and body based music and dance activities provide in the moment of exertion a base of music and dance understanding and learning, that might be further developed in terms, graphic scores and personal verbal expression.

So we will go in this workshop on a journey, beginning with a multi-sensual interplay eliciting music, speech and dance activities that flow eventually into the understanding of basic musical phenomena. 

The introduced activities serve as a model that can be directly transferred into your personal teaching setting. 


Angelika Wolf


In addition to obtaining a Master of Arts Degree at the Orff Institute, Angelika Wolf has taken specialist training in movement / dance and choir conducting. 

Studies in Hatha-Yoga and Laban Bartenieff Movement Analysis have deepened her experience in the holistic field of music and dance and her interest in the research and development of this aspect in the Orff-Schulwerk pedagogy. 



Mainly based in Austria she is working in various Pedagogic Universities, the University “Mozarteum” and Music Conservatoires in the field of Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy. 

Dedicated in spreading the Orff-Approach, she works internationally through the whole year in workshops for teachers and in the Russian Level Course Programme.

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