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I believe that the Orff-Schulwerk approach provides creative pathways that allow musicality to be expressed in meaningful ways. Working with sound and music, speech and language, movement and dance, storytelling, drama and the visual arts has enabled me to find my own voice in musical communication. Orff-Schulwerk courses have really supported my own learning and also my teaching practice.



 I find the Orff-Schulwerk approach really helpful as it is creative, imaginative, meeting children ‘where they are at’ and building on their ideas. I love taking a story and developing this with children drawing out their ideas either as individuals or as a small group using instruments, body percussion and other sensory materials to have a lot of fun while developing musical skills. I love the workshops and find others in the Orff community really inspirational for my own personal development and CPD.


In 2002 under the auspices of the Orff Society UK, I organised ACCENT ON ORFF in Glasgow, led by Werner Beidinger, Professor of Music at the University of Potsdam. Werner inspired and enthused teachers so much with the possibilities of the Orff approach to teaching music in the classroom, that thereafter courses were held annually, attracting participants from all over Scotland until in 2011, having set up our own organisation, ORFF SCOTLAND, we joined the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg (IOSFS) , the network for Orff Schulwerk associations. Seeing ourselves listed on their website between Russia and Singapore was a proud moment for me.  Retired from teaching, I now lead ENJOY MUSIC! where older people come together to sing, socialise and respond actively to music. 


I am a musician, theatre maker and community artist. The Orff Approach puts the accent on play, which not only makes it a great resource for teaching, improvisation and composing, but also makes it feel more like fun than work. The Scottish Orff-Shulwerk Association community reflects these values and is a couthy place to find yourself.


Because the Orff-Schulwerk approach focuses on music, movement and language together, this opens up all sorts of possibilities! There is no longer a focus on attainment, because there is actually no right or wrong, just an inclusive approach, where everyone can create, everyone achieves.  I have been on several amazing courses which are such fun, they energise me (it takes a lot to get me up on a Saturday morning!) and hopefully make me a better teacher! I have also met several very lovely people from all over the world and it is great to be part of the Orff-Schulwerk movement!


The Orff-Shulwerk approach profoundly changed my way of teaching. It helped me to bring inspiration from the natural world into the classroom, and the children love it! It gave me inspiration, freedom and structure to learn how to rely less on textbook repertoire and more on ideas, games and pieces that I create. I find it very touching the way the material is shared during the workshops. Each workshop leader shows their own material or development of a known repertoire. Each workshop is unique just like each person is unique.

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