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Our role is to share the Orff-Schulwerk approach to Music, Dance and Speech Education by offering workshops and creative learning courses and opportunities in Scotland. 

We have a growing community of teachers, music specialists, arts educators and students who attend Orff-Schulwerk workshops and courses in Scotland, the UK and internationally. Together we share our knowledge, thoughts and ideas in celebration of creative music education.

What we do

In Scotland, the Scottish Orff-Schulwerk Association (SOSA) has a unique partnership with Beatroute Arts, a Glasgow based community-led charity. In recent years, SOSA have hosted Orff-Schulwerk training courses at the Beatroute Arts venue. This is also where SOSA’s collection of instruments are housed, including our Orff-Schulwerk inspired music education and resources library.

SOSA invites international teachers to lead weekend courses, these take place in either Glasgow, Edinburgh or in the Scottish Highlands. We are an enthusiastic community and promote the Orff-Schulwerk approach in a variety of settings.


On a local level, Orff-Schulwerk workshops and courses are led by Glasgow based musician and educator Caroline McCluskey. Caroline studied at the Carl Orff Institute for Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy, University Mozarteum Salzburg and is a graduate of the 2012-2013 Special Course. Caroline teaches at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and for several arts organisations throughout the country. She is currently the secretary for the Scottish Orff-Schulwerk Association.

Music, Dance and Speech Education

The Orff-Schulwerk approach to Music, Dance and Speech Education complements the Scottish Curriculum as exploratory, creative learning across expressive arts disciplines is highly valued. Interdisciplinary learning is a key context with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

Upcoming Workshops

Dancing with the senses – moving times in music learning

This workshop originates in activities children are drawn into easily and joyfully: to touch, feel, listen, watch and move. Words, materials, colour, sound, even the own breath make the senses dance, connect with each other and deepen the sensation. In this way we are creating a safe space for our students to dive into music activities coming from this multi-sensual place and to discover, that even their instrument might swing, that words start to jump, that the body will unfold 

Saturday 15th May 2021 Online workshop £15 

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