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Orff Scotland was established in November 2011.

Our purpose is to promote Orff music education by organising training courses for those involved in teaching music and to be the focus of a Community of Practice.  Our members are students of music, teachers of music, as well as primary teachers, professional musicians, and music educators.

If you would like to become involved we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our Team

Moira Jakobsson

Moira JakobssonMoira was a primary teacher for 20 years, during which time she developed music lessons for her pupils using the Orff approach. Moira then specialised in music education attending courses in London led by tutors who had trained in the Orff Institute in Salzburg.

Moira has watched children thrive and respond joyfully to moving, singing, playing instruments together and improvising creatively in the classroom using Orff and has made her passionate about giving other teachers the opportunity to be trained by world class practitioners in the Orff approach to music education.

Caroline McCluskey

Caroline McLuskeyMusician & Educator Orff Schulwerk
Caroline has a postgraduate in Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education – Orff Schulwerk at the Carl Orff Institute for Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy, University Mozarteum Salzburg.

She is a freelance musician and educator working with The University of Edinburgh; The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland; Drake Music Scotland; The Maryhill Integration Network; The Albanian Scottish Society and The Scottish Ensemble.

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Janice Gibson

Janice Gibson, Orff Scotland MemberAs a private piano teacher I learned about the Orff Approach through accent on Orff
weekends in Glasgow, which further inspired me to experience more Orff on a
music Junction weekend in York and Orff Easter week courses at The Scottish
Using the Orff approach helped to make piano lessons much more fun, and hugely
improved pupil’s sense of achievement and confidence. I then went on to set up
group beginner lessons for very young pianists and then a preschool music group,
again based on the Orff approach.
I later became employed by Fife Council, both as a piano teacher and as part of the
YMI team. It was then that I used Orff based techniques to teach classes of primary
5, which proved invaluable for keeping children engaged, enthusiastic and gaining
experience in playing together, performing, improvising and composing. It was so
easy to build the lessons around topics studied in the curriculum for excellence and
I feel that the children gained much from working in this creative way.

Sarah (Alpha) Munro
Sarah Alpha MunroI am a multi instrumental community musician. I have been a Scottish fiddle tutor for Fèis Rois for 25 years and leader and co-ordinator of Kiltearn Fiddlers’ Youth group www.kiltearnfiddlers.com. I have had 30 years of experience using music to enhance the quality of children and adults’ lives with additional needs in schools and day centres both here and abroad eg Romania 2015. For many years I worked with Under 5s through the SPPA. I have also used music to enhance the lives of Senior Citizens in the area (Evanton Seniors Music Group) and produced community arts and music projects ( The Broken Secret 2003 – Lèirsinn 2015).
It was Doug Goodkin’s book ‘Play Sing and Dance’ which inspired me to pursue the Orff approach to music education. Between 2004 – 2007/2013 I initiated an Introduction to the Orff Approach (Music Trains) through Artlink Highland in collaboration with Artsplay Highland. We set up workshops in both Inverness-shire and Ross & Cromarty led by Doug Goodkin followed by more in the Western Isles and Moray. These workshops were aimed at musicians, music specialists, educators, care workers and assistants as well as
freelance artists. The Orff approach has revolutionized my music teaching.
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Orff Scotland is a Community of Practice which fosters and promotes the Orff approach to music education.

 The Orff approach:
  • Offers a holistic experience through imaginative, practical activities which can be enjoyed in small groups and whole classes.
  • Promotes creativity through encouraging children and their teachers freely to explore and express musical ideas using speech, singing, movement, dance, body percussion and playing instruments.
  • Develops musical skills and understanding through improvising, performing, listening, working with traditional and invented notations, solo and in ensemble.
  • Views music as a dynamic art form to be combined with drama, poetry, dance and art.
  • Enriches and enhances the curriculum for music in schools.

In the Orff Approach we believe that music making develops us in ways that are:

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    When we make music together we learn to interact and share with others- communicating ideas and feelings, adapting and negotiating, challenging, collaborating, celebrating and having fun.


    Through singing, dancing, and playing instruments we acquire increasing control of our movements and our voice with energy, flexibility, dexterity, strength, speed, coordination and breathing.


    When we make music together we learn to interact and share with others- communicating ideas and feelings, adapting and negotiating, challenging, collaborating, celebrating and having fun.


    Music creates the conditions for contemplation and transcendence.


    It enables us to express our feelings, to reflect or change a mood – to soothe, excite, shock, elate….


    Music is a medium for communication. It calms, stimulates, comforts and energises.

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